Sunday, January 24, 2016

Birthdays with friends

I am so glad that Laila and Truman have good friends who will plan and celebrate with them.

Laila's friends came at 6 in the morn to get dressed together at our Laila with hair and outfit, then decorated her locker and she had 20 girl friends cheer and hug her when she entered school that day.  They took her to Station Park for dinner and a scary movie, Laila's favorite kind. "The Boy" was a good scary movie atleast that's what they all said. Then back to our house for cake and ice cream and hanging out til 11:30.
Daven, Ash Low, Heather Kofford, Reagan, Laila and Max Eiting
Laila's cake with her name on it and sparklers that her friends brought.  

Van, Tru and Sal....all hitting the town before Tru's big celebration.
Tru's friends put on a Clueless party at the Beer Bar in SLC with dinner and karaoke.  Van even made Tru yellow plaid pants that were just like Sher's from the movie.  It was perfect.
We celebrated with Family on Saturday with dinner at Plates and Palates then coming back to our house for games and laughs.  We all giggle at the Alf running around the island  being chased by Sophia.....and Poppa Wayne playing the game Sorry with Andrew, Sophia and Alf.   We played cards and had pie or cake and ice cream.  Our birthday extravaganza has come to an end...once again.  We had 6 birthdays in 27 days.....Andrew, Monson, Wayne, Alfie, Tru and Laila....phew.

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