Friday, May 29, 2015

The Lovely Month of May

MAY  is finally at an end. It has been a month full of emotions, memories and a ton of RAIN!
It will finish up with two funerals, Addison's 29th birthday and Landon's marriage.

Bre's Grandma Dee Briggs passed away at age 86.   She was a senior olympian in tennis and track and field events and traveled all over the country  as an ambassador throwing the javelin and the shotput.  Her golden years were not ones of slowing down, but amping it up.  She was a character and an individualist who was a champion of her grandkids, or any one who has a dream and potential.  The fun part of this funeral was hearing all about Dee's life, listening to Bre and cousin Andrew Briggs sing Josh Groban's "The Prayer,"  and watching ALfie.  Alfie wore white leather "Grandpa Butters" shoes and loved them.  They were about 3 inches too long but he didn't care.  He kept bending over, touching his shoes and saying,  "shoes."  He fell asleep in my arms, and  looking down at the side of his relaxed face, he looked just like Addison.  This is the first time I have ever thought this. 

My sweet friend, Kimi Farley's mom passed away and we attended her funeral up in Millville.  Her mom was an individual as well.  She had many "softball' and sports friends who attended.  Kimi is the eldest of 5 daughters, so she had to be "in charge" and gave a wonderful tribute to her momma.   Her mom's cancer experience was much like my mom's.  This was her second round of ovarian cancer, no chemo would work or was wanted and she just wasted away with hospice care.  She had a comeback revival day on Mother's Day...just like my momma...and 12 days later she died....just like my momma.  In fact she died on mom's death date. 

Addison is 29!!! I can't believe this.  I think I will be even more in awe when he's 30.  Time just keeps ticking forward.  I think I'm still 29 til I look in the mirror and see so many lines and wrinkles mapping my face.   He is a sweet husband and the cutest, most involved dad.  It's a joy to watch.   

AND....our big, fat, gay, brazillian wedding finishes up the month.    We are in preparation mode for Sunday evening.  I'm so appreciative of my friend Maurie Tarbox, volunteering her yard for this.   AND...I'm so happy that rain, rain and more rain is finally leaving the forecast.  We have chairs and tables,  tablecloths and centerpieces, food and treats, fans, bubbles and thankyous all ready to go.   I sent out an email to family and friends, knowing that everyone is at a different place with gay marriage, to see who wanted to attend and letting everyone know that we know they love us even if they don't come.......well most everyone is coming!  This might be their only chance to participate in an event like this.  But, really.....I  can't believe the love that I am feeling over this.   When I start getting stressed about this whole thing, I just pause and wrap love around it, and then I can move on. Love is the answer.   It's going to be a glorious Sunday!

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