Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May birthdays

Sophia turned 6 and had a fun FROZEN themed party complete with a special guest, ELSA (aka Bre) dropping by with songs, stories and fun.  Sophia had a tummy ache and wasn't feeling her best, but did her best to be happy anyway.    She got new glasses to help with her Lazy eye that  refuses to see. Sophia wanted Brigadero cake...an amazing layered chocolate Brazillian concoction...and as per Braziallian tradition, the birthday child gives the first piece of cake to someone special in their life....Sophia gave the piece of cake to Laila.  All of the Grandkids adore Laila.

Sophia and Lexi share a birthday. May 5th -- Cinco de Mayo -- is it!  We celebrated Sunday night with a fiesta!   
It was fun going around the table while Lexi wore a sombrero, of course, and share what we love about Lexi.  She is caring, compassionate, kind.  She would give you the shirt off her back.  She is easy to talk to and easy going. She is always interested in what you are doing in your life...or if she's not, she sure seems to be.  She is loving and has a good attitude, even with all of her sickness.  She loves our Monson and I'm so grateful she's a Welch girl.
While Sophia wore the sombrero, and a smile that never left her face, we celebrated her fun personality, her ability to make up songs and perfom, her hugs, kindness, loving enthusiasm  and great smile.  

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