Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prayers and cards for Marcie

I can't believe it.  I am in shock. We all are.  My sister Marcie has very aggressive upper GI cancer which includes the pancreas. 
I sent Marcie this card..... it's exactly what's on my mind.
We hate cancer! 
 We need faith and prayers at this point... 
Marcie has always been here for me from the very beginning...literally.   We are 15 months apart.  She named me "baby La."  We've been through thick and thin together.  Sharing a bedroom, growing up, babies, vacations, church callings, parent issues, shows. 
Liz, Maryanne Loveless, Melinda, Angela, Marcie
Marcie was the perfect, loving, know-it-all Reverend Mother in Nunsense years ago...and I was Sister Mary Amnesia.  How fitting.  I can't remember much... but I remember feelings and a few select "pictures" through my growing up years.   One of Marcie's best birthday's ever was her 11th...atleast it was for me.   We had lots of friends and cousins and each other. This is right before we moved to our new home on 800 east.  I remember this little kitchen eating area on 1200 south in Bountiful.  
(I remember Marcie sassing my dad and him throwing a pitcher of water at her in this exact spot.)
Marcie turning 11... Adam is being Adam... I'm loving on my big sissy, Angela is leaning in and Liz is being her mischievious self.
The move  to our 800 east home was difficult for us.   I remember my mom sitting on the floor in our basement when Marcie was in 6-8th grade, talking,trying to keep her "together"  and give her strength to go to school another day, even with all of the "mean" girls.  I learned so much from my mom counseling with Marcie. Marcie blazed the path which made my Jr. high years so much easier.  She has always blazed the path....Marcie was in college first, married first, had babies first, and now gets to go through cancer....

I don't get it.... I just want to punch somebody...kick something....scream..

I love my sister and can't imagine doing this life without her.   We are supposed to grow old together. So...................added prayers for Marcie............please.

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Andrew and Gina said...

Oh my goodness. I will be praying for her and your whole family. I'm so sorry. I love the Calls.