Thursday, May 21, 2015

2nd Anniversary

Why are death anniversary's  so difficult???
It's been two years since my mom passed away.  Two, sometimes very loooooong years.
Even when I try not to think about this death date, I can't help myself.  Two years ago we knew it was coming, but it was still so life altering.
I've been thinking about Mom a lot lately,  more so because of Marcie's recent aggressive cancer diagnosis.

Laila has cried more than a few times this week about how it stinks to be the youngest, because she knew and was loved by Grandma Sheri the least amount of time.

Well I knew and was loved by her for 51 years, and it still stinks that she's gone.

I love these pics of my mom though....

I love when she lost her hair, it grew back and she dyed it a firey red!!  She was crazy like that....and really so at ease with who she was that she NEVER cared how others would react. I love that she's talking on the phone in this pic...most likely helping someone, or cheering  someone up or loving on someone. She was so good at this.

I love so much about her.

I love the artist in her.  I will always look at mountains, clouds and sunsets and think of her. I can hear her voice saying, "Look at those clouds, so beautiful.  Now how would I paint that?"  or "Oh my what an amazing sunset. So many colors.   If I painted that no one would believe it was real."

I love how inclusive she was.
Thanksgiving 2011...all the sibs right before mom started Chemo
I love how each of us knew she loved us the best!
I love how concerned, caring and empathetic she was.
I love how she knew just what to say and what not to say.
I love how she chose Joy on a daily basis..... with very few pity parties.  She never said "Why me?" but only "Why not me?

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