Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Birthdays...and we are done!

We have a onslaught of birthdays in our family in a short 24 day period....Monson (Dec. 29), Wayne (Jan 7), Alfie (Jan 15), Truman (Jan. 21), Laila (Jan.22)..... we are finally at the end of our Birthday extravaganza...

Truman turned 24 and Laila turned 13 while on our family Cruise!  We celebrated in style

Laila is officially a teenager and so knowing we were going to be gone for her big day I asked family and friends for birthday cards and letters of advice to give to her in a book as she moves toward adult hood.  We gathered many awesome messages.   Megan Call went the extra mile, she found a letter that Grandma Sheri wrote to her when she was a teenager and changed  it just  for Laila, knowing that Angel Grandma Sheri would want Laila to know these things too... It is a treasure.

To My Sweet Laila on her 13th Birthday-
13...I thought I was sooooo grown up, and that I knew just about everything there was to know.  Hindsight tells me that I knew just enough to be dangerous.  So I want to share with you a few things that might be helpful.
 First, do only those things that would please your Father in Heaven.  He has told us what to do to be truly happy.  Always be temple worthy in thought and deed.  Never put yourself in a situation of which He would disapprove.
Second, always remember that your parents really do know what’s best for you.  Counsel with them in all things, and then listen to what they say.  They will always look out for your best good.
Third, friends are very important, so always have the best.  You are a very tender girl, and that is a good thing, but remember that your friends come second to your family.
Fourth, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Have goals for you education.  It is important for women to be educated.  Women can make a huge difference in the world.
Fifth, the choices you make will always have a consequence.  That is how God planned it to be.  Weigh things out carefully in your mind so your decisions are good ones.  The most important decision you will make in the coming years will be your choice of an eternal companion.  I pray that you will choose as well as your mother and I did.
Sixth, Motherhood is a gift from God.  Honor it and seek always the help of your Father in Heaven.  A mother can teach her children many things, and one of them is how to be a happy, strong member of the church.
Last, our Heavenly Father sent us here to experience the joy of earth life…complete with happiness and sorrows.  My wish for you is that you learn from the sorrows that will come your way, and know greater joy always follows.
 Laila, you possess a rare spirit.  Your Heavenly Father has many wonderful things for you to do and accomplish.  I love  you (maybe  even more than your parents)  You will not realize how that is possible until you find yourself looking into the eyes of your own grandchild.
  Remember always that I am here for you.

XXX-Grandma Sheri

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What a gift to treasure!!