Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wayne is another year older!

This was a text feed from the kids about what they love about Wayne.  I wanted to share this on his birthday.  Wayne is 53 today.  HE is an amazing man, father and friend.   He is greatly loved and appreciated around here.

Landon and Alex:  Poppa Wayne loves his kids and grand kids.  He is always so happy to see us/them.
He is a true example of undonditional love.
He takes care of his family - parents, silblings, wife, kids etc..
He is an avid reader.
He loves to try new things and have new adventures.
He knows how to joke around and does that.
He loves momma.
He has a great smile.
He has a good relationship with the Savior and wants that to show that  in his actions and deeds.
He wants his family and friends to also know their Savior.

Tru:  ....and when he is passionate about something he is all in--100% committed.
He looks for every opportunity to serve
He loves to tease and has a good sense of humor.
He has great hair.  Aisha says she would have dated him in high school.
He loves spending time with the fam.

Laila:  Dad takes me to the temple to do baptisms every Tuesday morning.  We have to wake up so early and he has to put up with me, but he does it any way.

Lexi and Monson: Ditto to the of my favorite things about dad is that nobody has ever had to question where he stands on anything.  Everytime I meet someone that knows him, all they have to say are the greatest things about him and that I have some big shoes to fill.

Addison and Bre:  I agree with the above ....and he is very willing to help and has helped me in desperate times with no questions dropping everything and going.  Running a mile on a dirt road to fill our car with oil after we broke the oil tank.  Driving all the way to Sugarhouse late at night after we locked our keys inthe Prius.  Drivng everywhere to get the key to get Alfie out when I locked him in the car.  He's always right there saying, "ok "..and has a solution.

I could say so much about my Wayne ...we have been together since we were 16.......but what stands out today is that Wayne loves his mom and is all about helping her. (He is also a great help with my dad) He is definitely a momma's boy....which around here is a GREAT thing.

Happy Birthday my love!

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