Friday, January 16, 2015

Dad's Christmas Picture

All my dad wanted for Christmas was a new family picture!  So that's what he got!  We all gathered at Marcie's home one Sunday afternoon. We had sick kids, snow worries, no way of doing the pic outside and we were missing Garret Brown..and our Angel Mother, but in the end we got a picture that's pretty decent.
Addison couldn't get his camera far enough back to get everyone in so he took a middle picture, sides, top and bottom shots then morphed 7 images together to get one good pic. He had to rebuild the edges and make everything look normal. He is a photo magician!!

A few observations:  My Dad looks like a General Authority... Baby Carson is not happy about this at all and Aaron, at the top of the stairs, looks like Napoleon. 

All the Grandchildren ( 23) and Greats (5).
Dad with his beautiful Grand daughters:  Laila, Bre, Sophia, Dad, Megan, Rachel, Jenna, Becca, Alyssa, Laurie, Lexi

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