Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Student of the Month

Laila was honored today at MPJH as Student of the Month, nominated by her Science teacher, Mr. Moss.  It was very nice.   We were invited to a breakfast for 6  students given by the Principal. This is the letter  about her:

Dear Laila Welch
This is the first time I have had the opportunity to choose a student of the month, and I am hapy to nominate Laila for the recognition.

I remember well the first hard question Laila asked me.  It was a conceptual math question, "If the square root of negative one is called an "imaginary" number, how are we able to assign a specific value to it?  Like, the square root of negative four is 2i.  But if the number is imaginary why is it not 4i or 7i or whatever we want?"  this is not the type of question one usually expects from a student, but I've come to realize that they are par for Laila.

Laila is a rare student who is able to go beyond learning the material to understanding its implications.  As a teacher I can never get too relaxed with her around.  I never know when another such question will appear, challenging her understanding and mine.

She has been an upstanding and intelligent student and it is this kind of inquiry and spirit that makes teaching worth it.  However the day goes, I can know that I'll have Laila ready to go in my last period as something to look forward to.  And with that I nominate Laila for Student of the Month at Mueller Park Junior High.
Mr. Moss

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