Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday #1

I have decided to revive a long ago tradtion on this blog of Thankful Thursday.  I love Thanksgiving and taking time to reflect on blessings and what I have learned from trials.  I'm going to focus on the next 4 Thursdays what I'm thankful for.

1.  Thankful for my dad.  He is really struggling with health issues lately:  A bad knee that  made it dificult to walk...(he got  a cortisone shot and is doing better.  He won't have surgery at this point. )  He is working on keeping his type 2 diabetes under control.  This means testing every day and eating correctly.  This is such a burden for him.  It's hard to just get into the kitchen and remember to eat.  AND...he misses mom so much.  He is so lonely.
 BUT.....through it all I'm thankful for his sparkling conversation and great attitude.  He is a lifter by nature and a cup half full kind of guy, so as an "old man"   he is really delightful.

2.  Thankful for my 5 Carol's ladies.  We have such a great time together and we love to sing, laugh and sing some more.  I'm looking forward to being in this show for the third year in a row.We are performing at the Sandbox in Midvale for 7 shows.   5 Carols For Christmas really lifts my spirits and it is such a riot to put on Miss Q each holiday season.  This show is such a good reminder of tradition, friendship, and lifting others when they are in need.
This year Bre is taking 3 of the shows in the Kitty I'm really looking forward to being on stage with her Dec. 5, 6, and 12.

3.  Thankful for this beautiful fall weather.  I love when we really have an autumn.  It's crisp and gorgeous and the perfect walking weather.   I'm even grateful for the fall cleanup of all of the leaves.

4.  Thankful and SO happy my dear friend Laura won her election for State School Board.  It's been quite a journey supporting her in this and doing my little part to get the word out of who to elect and why.  She is passionate about education and kids and it's the perfect fit for her.  

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