Saturday, November 22, 2014

Monson is Married.

These are my comments I shared  at the Wedding dinner..........

Monson is to say about my baby boy?
Monson was born red haired and happy.  He had an infectious smile that he would generously share with everyone right before he threw up on them because of his reflux.  Good thing he smiled all of the time, or no one would have wanted to hold him.  He really was a jolly little elf.
At age 3, Monson and I had a conversation while riding in our car that pretty much sums up his whole life.  He was sitting in the front seat for the first time kind of nodding his head, biting his bottom lip  and glancing out the window.  I asked  him what he was thinking about and he replied, “I’m just thinking how cool I am.”  What 3 year old says that? Monson…

His nicknames were Monster and Monsoon because that’s how he acted and survived with his three older brothers.  I remember phone calls when I left the big boys, Addison  and Landon to take care of the Little boys Truman and Monson while Wayne and I had a much needed time out.  These phone calls were from the big boys begging me to talk to Monson who was out of control… He would chase the older boys around , brandishing knives and a sundry weapons scaring them all.  My conversation would go something like this, “Monson you are  not in charge.  Put the knife down and obey and  we will settle this when I get home..  NO Monson, you are not in charge, put the scissors down. Monson I mean it…..give the phone back to Addison, Now Monson…give him the phone… Monson You are not in charge.” 
Monson’s raspy, little voice reply, “But Mom they are driving me crazy,”
Monson actually liked his brothers…. Just not when they tended.  He became everyone brother’s  defender…he was the go to kid.  One of our family’s legends is when Monson as a 1st grader took down a 3rd grader who had been bullying Truman and told him to” leave his Brother alone…and to kiss the dirt.”  Truman told me this story with wide eyes and a bit of pride in his brother.  He was born cool.

Age 8 the only thing Monson wanted for his birthday was a monkey and a tuxedo. He wore this tuxedo to church every week for 6 months, until it was too tight and too little to continue.  He was the only 2nd grader to have his mom bring his tuxedo to change in while every other kid was just in normal school clothes for his school class Best Friends program.   I asked him over and over about this choice but he was determined to dress up “for the girls”…. So Cool

Monson loved football and began playing in 3rd grade. This was a good thing  because it helped him get his aggression out somewhere besides on his brothers.  Everyone was happy when Monson was hitting and tackling on the football field and not in our house.  Monson had great coaches and played with the same group of great boys clear up through his senior year at Bountiful High.  It was on the football field that Monson got the nickname “Money” from Big Swony..the nickname king!  Money because of his name  and also because he brings the money plays…  this nickname has stuck because it’s pretty Cool

In Jr. High Monson grew out his hair into a giant red afro….he got best hair in the Year Book , got his pic taken and then shaved his head bald.  He just has never cared what other people thought. … cool.
Monson is not just a sports fanatic…he is also a singer.  He was in 8th grade boys choir where they wore red vest, red bow tied and white fedoras.  I have seen many 8th grade boy groups and they have soft, cracking voices  and  are  mostly embarrassed…but not this group …there was never a bunch of 8th grade boys so sure of their” Coolness” in the history of choir at MPJH. 
Monson has always had a girl friend since JR. High…usually one or two years older than him and always dark haired……that is so cool… (so it’s interesting  that he is marrying a blonde who is younger than him.)  

Money was a great leader on the football field and the basketball court.  He was the one that was asked to “walk “ the other football players who needed to get their grades up to classes and check up and encourage them. The other players were glad it was Monson.  Always kind to everyone off the field…. but on the field he was tough… and crazy….especially when he would tackle some big guy then look right into his face mask and meow…. Crazy like a cat…cool

  Money  was the one on the basketball court that could get things done.  Monson was almost the size he is now as a 9th grader…so he was a big center then… he was a presence under the basket.   As a JV player at Bountiful High…we were playing Skyview and the game was getting out of control—too many mean fouls, too much physical playing and not many calls thanks to the” blind” Refs…so after one of our players got hurt our Coach Seljass called the refs over and told them that they had better get the game under control. Or else he would send Money in and he would get it under control.  It was crazy knowing my son was the enforcer…  SO Cool
Monson has always had a lot of friends…he actually sounds like a fighter, but his tough reputation preceded any need to actually fight.  Just showing up was enough to make others stop.  He has a calming influence.
Monson is also a lover…he gives the best hugs…and is a great shoulder to cry on and is always the go to brother to pour out problems to.  He is a great listener.  Monson is kind,  generous, a bit messy, an amazing gamer, crazy about sports especially Uof U and Michigan, sweet, loves my cookies and is a spiritual giant who has a strong testimony and loves the Lord…. and that’s what  makes him really cool.

I love this boyfriend of mine….Monson is my favorite….and today, I'm just thinking how cool he is.

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