Sunday, November 23, 2014

Post Wedding highlights

Well... we are all cleaned up and washed and put away...The wedding day  is now  a memory and thankfully we all survived and are happy.

Official Wedding Party:  Laila, Alfie, Sophia, Andrew, Truman, Monson, Lexi, Katelyn, Lindsey, Bre, Addison, Landon and Alex
My friend Laura recapped the day in a text like this:  "The ring ceremony was very spirtual.  I was thrilled and surprised.  Lexi's parents were kind and helpful all day.  The temple was over the top!  Elder TIngey said the perfect words including mentioning those  who are attending from the other side and Lexi's family who she will be the example to.  The venue was so pretty and so fun.  Swonny announcing the wedding party like a basketball fun. Because of the warming trays the food turned out just fine.  Ran out of some food but everyone was fed.  The Italian Soda bar was a hit. Melinda's ear and neck bling added to her beauty for the day.   All is well in Zion.  Satan had a bad day yesterday as a new eternal family was created.  Loved being there."

New Welch Girls

It was kind of a blurr for me but a few moments stand out....

The ring ceremony rehearsal dinner the night before with a house full of crazy family members, Mickey planner extraordinaire.... ordering us all around trying to keep it "light"...and all done without Monson because he couldn't miss  school.

Finding a 44 oz. Big coke and a Si cookie on my counter for breakfast.

Laila looking gorgeous  and much older than her 12 years  in her blue dress, heels and amazing hair done by Emilee Dahl.

The Billy Ball Boutinere fiasco...with allergy, puffed, tearing eyes of Addison and Landon.  Once we realized the "weed balls" were causing  problems, we quickly took off the boutinere's and chucked them.
Monson and Lexi in a "wedding kiss dip" just outside the temple doors.

All of the bridesmaids and mommas piled in the down stairs bathroom getting Lexi ready.

Lexi informing us at 4pm the day of the wedding that she hadn't spoken to the cake lady and didn't know if she would have a cake or not..  The cake lady came through with a Michigan glutten free carrot cake and an amazing strawberries dipped in chocolate cake.

The wedding party being introduced like a basketball team, all coming in carrying giant Maverick drink cups because they stopped the limo on the way to the dinner and picked up drinks.

Monson and Lexi dancing to "All of Me"....  and Sophia and Andrew slow dancing as well.

Truman trying not to cry as he said such nice, funny and appropriate things as the Best Man.

Being in the Bride's Room in the Temple, getting Lexi ready in her temple dress and priesthood robes to be sealed for Time and All Eternity...then changing her into her wedding dress.  She is sooo beautiful no matter what she is wearing.

Pinning Monson's boutinere on and kissing his cheek telling him he's my favorite.

Holding lauging, noisy Alfie while the Ring Ceremony went on.

Setting up the Wheeler Farm venue with tables,  chairs, cloths, burlap, dinner wear, lights, fabric... waitng for Olive Garden food and our guests to arrive.

Monson and Buddies picking Lexi up for a silly picture..

Having my dad show up in a happy he made it to our home and the Temple.

Looking around the Sealing room in the temple and seeing so many family and friends and feeling so much love... missing my  momma  but knowing she was there.

Monson playing his guitar and singing "Lemonade" to Lexi

Lexi saying, "Oh yes" when  Pres. Hess and Elder Tingey told them they should kiss...

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