Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday #4

I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is here, I can't believe it.  I can tell I'm getting older because it feels like we just had Thanksgiving...... but it's gorgeous weather, and the wedding is over, so on to the Holidays.
We are joining with most of the Welch side at Mark and Jill's home in Farmington.  It will be awesome. I'm looking forward to being with my people, eating delicious food, writing in the thankful journal and relaxing.  We always go to a movie Thanksgiving night as well.....this year it's
  Big Hero 6.   This is a tradition all of my children look forward to.  Landon is  cooking his first Thanksgiving dinner for the Buzelli family.  He got permission from Alex's mom to do most of the cooking since it's an American holiday and he should know how to cook American food.

I'm thankful for my Wayne...he really is amazing.  So patient, loving, kind, generous, caring,  smart, helpful, and supportive.   I couldn't ask for a better mate to do throughtout this life with and forever.

I'm thankful for Sunsets....this is my most favorite time of the day.  I feel closer to heaven and my Heavenly Father when I take in a colorful sunset.

I'm thankful for sewers and roads to drive on with stoplights and lanes, and garbage trucks and snow removal and all of the daily necessary stuff that fills my life but that I take for granted.

I'm thankful for diet coke and chocolate....all though I probably should learn to do with out.

I'm thankful for Mexican Food... it's my favorite....just saying chalupa makes my mouth water.

and while I'm on the food band wagon......

I am thankful for pie!.... My mom was a master pie maker.  Pie makes me think of her now.
She was a Pie Party Pioneer...and she coined the infamous "Russian serving"  Which is one of each kind of pie on your plate.... a one-of-each....or said really quickly it sounded like "wonifich"--which was kind of Russian sounding, hence the name.
Pie parties were happening all over the state last night thanks to my momma....

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