Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Creepy Childhood movies

The Wizard of Oz movie always creeped me out.  I had nightmares filled with flying monkeys and throwing apple trees.  Yet, whenever it was on tv...yes this was pre vido/dvd days.... I made sure we watched it.  We would scour the tv listings and plan for the event for weeks.  This was in the days of 4 channels to watch on of them PBS... so it was pretty easy to track.

The other movie that scarred me for life, brought sleepless nights, and made me cry just thinking about watching it again, was the 1970's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory  with Gene Wilder.   Those orange and white umpa-lumpas....Yikes. I remember the first time I saw it at the Queen Theatre on 5th south in Bountiful....they were following me, or in my closet or under my bed for years.

I find it interesting that both of these movies feature  little people...back in my day we inappropriately called them midgets.... but maybe that's where my real fear is.  I need therapy.

I don't like scary movies.  I don't like blood and guts and masacres, and evil and all that rot... I don't think it's healthy to fill our minds with this stuff.    We actually watched the film Soylent Green at a mutual night....I think about that now, and shake my head. A movie about eating people.
We saw the original  Psycho for a movie night at the High School....would never happen today.

I do like suspenseful/thriller movies.  I really love many Alfred Hitchcock movies,  Rear Window,  North by Northwest, Vertigo, ......and not by Hitchcock....Wait Until one of the best!

I asked my kids what were their scariest childhood movies...
Lexi agreed with me about the Wizard of totally freaked her out as a kid.
Monson's was The Mummy because "it scared my older brothers and I was like 4 wondering what everyone was so afraid of."

Landon and Addison's was ET the Extra Terrestrial..."it's because they try to take the kids away from parents, and then the powers that be  try to take ET away from the kids."  It's all so scary....??
Addison isn't a good barometer of scary though because he was also afraid of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, All Dogs go to Heaven, Fievel Goes West, and the end of Fantasia.  

Truman's was Jurassic Park..."the scene where the girl is in the kitchen and the raptor is gonna kill her but it ends up being a reflections!?! "  And he remembers actually crying at the Chucky movies.

Bre hated Nightmare Before Christmas, because she watched it with her brothers who fell asleep before the boogey man came.  Terrifying.

Laila loves scarey movies....she was born this way, but one show that did freak her out because of the Wolf...was Into the Woods...Broadway production.

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Teri said...

Tom too can hardly speak of flying monkeys and our Jessica is scarred for life after seeing Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Again. Those small ones are scary!