Sunday, October 5, 2014


General Conference aka pajama church is over. It was good. Some years I say it was great and I loved it. Some years it's difficult to muster that enthusiasm.
I find it interesting how my life has been a roller coaster when it comes to my feelings about General conference.
As a child we would color or read quietly while conference was on but had to put it all away and sit up when the Prophet spoke. 
As a teen I would clean my room with my radio on extra loud on Saturday and take notes as I listened on Sunday.  (I mostly doodled and drew and acted like I was taking notes. )
Young married with little babes made conference enjoyment more difficult. It was hard to get anything out of it but I needed the words so desperately. I was too tired  so slept through much of it back then. I was  happy to be able to read it in the Ensign at a later time. 
I have grown to love conference as my children have grown older. It's easier to listen and watch and there are fewer distractions around. I find if I do hand work or keep myself just a little busy I absorb better and I don't fall asleep. 
The last few conferences though, I kind of worry about what the next talk will be about and how it will affect  our family.  I know I shouldn't be living here....worried and fearful..tearful and aching...but I am. 
I want to be strong and full of faith so I actually appreciated the slip up in the prayer about our "strength to be faithened."   I think it was said just for me. It really caught my attention and has made me think about how I am relying, once again, too much on myself and not enough on God.   I need to be "faithened."
All  will be made well through Christ.  I just need to have Strong Faith in this. 

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Teri said...

Bless you for your honesty Mel. I too struggle with not living in fear and relying on faith.