Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Carving time

Family night pumpkin carving
Monson and Lexi represent their teams U for Utah and M for Michigan 
Laila, Tru and Aisha work on their pumpkins. The only one with any patience is Tru. He does an intricate Nightmare  before Christmas design 
There is something therapeutic about digging into a pumpkin, scraping and carving it. Changing it from an average garden vegetable to a thing of beauty.   Or maybe the therapy comes in doing this together with family and friends.  
This pic is so dark....that's what happens when you take a pic in the dark...but Laila is to the right of Tru...all you can see is her white numbers on the sweatshirt...next time I will put her in front of the white door.... oh well.
I've always liked this pumpkin thought. .....

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