Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fairy tale Festival

I have been running around the past weekend with the Fairy Tale festival at CenterPoint Theatre... I was in charge of the craft booths…set up of tents and chairs and tables and supplies, and clean up and basically  the over all look of the festival.    I was at the Theatre Friday and Saturday from 8-8….and never stopped moving.  It was exhausting…and I was happy to be involved.  So many cute little kids buying into our magic.  The Tea parties and the Daddy Daughter Ball…and the character greetings and entertainment…all just darling.  Hopefully next year, Sophia and Andrew can attend.  They would have been in HEAVEN!     Periodically, we had all of the little kids that wanted to, join the singers on the steps and sing Frozen songs at the top of their lungs.    Olaf was a big hit!
Let me share One experience that I witnessed that was so sweet… This was written by Shelley Davies, a wonderful woman who was in charge of all of this….   In the second tea party on Saturday, there was a little red-haired girl named Whitney. I am not sure what her physical challenge is, but she is in a wheel chair. Her head was held in place and she is not verbal. She was dressed in a beautiful pink princess dress. Her mother sat by her side. As  I was placing a "fairy kiss" on her cheek, her eyes lit up and I saw and felt something I have only felt a few times in my life. I couldn't stop the tears and I felt badly because mine brought them to the mother's eyes also. Again, at her tiara crowning I had to fight hard not to dissolve as I saw that light again. Her mother grabbed me and said, I don't know who made this happen, but I can't say thank you enough for giving my little princess this experience.   …
Holly's special Friend to Friend group sang on the steps a song from The Little Mermaid.   She found her friend, Chris Brown.
I even had my knight in shining armor show up...... I had worked all day on Friday and wasn't able to even run home to get my "real" costume on , so I grabbed an "I dream of Genie" something and wore that to cover up my exercise clothes.  It was a crazy, exhausting time.  Can't wait til next year!

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