Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time out for all of us

My sweet friend Linda Wangsgaard had a great idea last spring to get Time out for Women tix in Logan and take our Daughters to a little girl get away. I got the tix and hotel lined up then Bre got  in a play and couldn't come. So I invited my sister Angela to go. In the morning of the event Lexi woke up with strep  and bronchitis. I teased her that she didn't have to go to such drastic measures not to go with me. She felt so bad. We invited  a friend, Jan Clinger to take her place instead. So my DIL getaway didn't work out but we had a great time anyway   

TOFW was excellent. The speakers and the music are always so inspirational .  I really loved the talk about “Deliverance from our Problems”  by Kris Belcher, a blind lady who has such a good attitude.  She says the key is to Look Up, Look In and Look Out.  She is like a stand up comedian and  makes everyone laugh and then be in awe over her realness.     We also heard for Olympian, Noellee Picus Pace. Such an amazing story as well about perseverance and sticking with a dream.    Fave quote: “Difficulties are made to change us for the better.”

Wayne took Tru and Monson to Michigan to be in the Big house for the Michigan vx. Utah game.  MONSON WAS IN HEAVEN…it didn’t matter who won.  These are his teams.  He sat in the sea of Red fans with his Blue and Yellow on ….and it was great.  They loved being with “superfans” Blake and Mark…who are crazy, screaming, jumping on every play.   With 10 minutes left in the game and the Utes up 26-10 it was delayed for almost 2 hours because of Lightening and Rain that was coming down in sheets.  It rained REALLY hard….. By the time the game started up again, most of the Michigan fans had left, so the Utah fans went down almost to field level to finish watching the game. They were there so long that their phones all died, most of the food stands were sold out of food and when they finally got back to their hotels they had to eat at the same sports bar two nights in a row.  Wayne was there  with his boys, Mark Welch  Terry Welch , Lizzy Welch, and Blake Bentley.   It was a quick trip but sooo fun.

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