Sunday, September 7, 2014

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Sent this question out to my family...and here are the results....drum roll please....

Melinda:  Momma, Bossy, Accepting, Yellow, Lover

Wayne: Husband, Dad, Quiet, Dizzy, Competitive

Addison: Creative, Happy, Mysterious, Right-brained, Dad

Bre: Resourceful, Driven, Optimistic, Mother, Silly

Alfie: Observer, Chill, Foodie, Loveable, Baby

Landon:Talkative, Dad, Friend, Blessed, Happy

Alex: Dad, Kind, Smart, Big-hearted, Intuitive 

Andrew: Smart, Sweet, Humorous, Gentle, Observant

Sophia: Outgoing, Loud, Giddy, Loving, Happy. 

Truman: Loyal, Witty, Innovative, Quirky, Confident

Monson: Ginger, Cat-hater, Sporty, Rapper, Spiritual

Lexi: Sister, Loving, Psychotic, Blue, Daughter

Laila: Messy, Dancer, Friend, Connected, Moody

Baby:  Dog, Insecure, Hairy, Licky, Soft

1 comment:

Andrew and Gina said...

Hahaha!! I LOVE that Monson included in his 5 words "cat-hater".