Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Family pictures?

I read this recently on the CSI project, and it really hit me... so I wanted to share. It's about families, and pictures and not being perfect, but just being real.  What  I strive to be. 

The more I live this life, the more I realize that family is so much more than just being born to someone. Family is a sacrifice on everyone’s part so that we all can progress in this life and become the best people we can be. It is a commitment to one another.

 Maybe being a family has little to do with blood but more to do with love, trust, care and devotion. Maybe being a family has more to do with the time spent, the time invested into each others lives rather than how we all came to be.
My ideal family looks like us. We aren’t perfect. No one in the family is. We struggle.
We know who we are. We know what goes on in our four walls we call a home and we are happy with it. At the end of this life, I don’t think God is going to care how we became a family. I think he will care more about what we did with it. How we treated each other, how we loved each other and how we lived our lives.
May 2014
May 2014
So, we are going to take that family photo.  We will do these things knowing who we are.

A family.

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