Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sound of Music wrap up

Sound of Music came at a perfect time for me.  I have had a depressed winter and my therapy has been this show. If I didn't have a reason to go and do something at night I would have easily been in my pjs and in bed at 7pm, but theatre keeps me going, it's my lifesaver.  I enjoyed singing beautiful "Allelujah" harmonies with the nuns each night. 
I have loved spending time with Mickey Larsen. She is a doll and so talented. I consider her not only my kid's friend but my friend as well.  Here she is loving on Holly.

Being with Adam West and Julie Nelson Blatter always means fun times and funny stories. We would steal away to the dark balcony hallway each night and munch on wintergreen lifesavers trying to get them to spark. We laugh together a lot 

My sister nuns who tried to "solve a problem like Maria" with me are Reverend Mother-Nedra Pace, Meghan Smyth and Becky Bryan.  Really awesome ladies and beautiful singers.

I did get to play one night with my favorite Reverend Mother -Jan Smith from the other cast. She was a most irreverent  Mother Superior and I was so proud of her singing "Climb every Mountain".
I was talked into doing this show by my lovely "Carols" -- Jan , Maurie and Julie. I'm so glad they did. I love my theatre friends!!


Teri said...

Holy cow! What an A Team cast. How lucky are you to get to work with both Nedra AND Mickey in the same show? What a blast!

gma vh said...

You look so happy! It WAS a tough winter for you but now you'll haveAlfie to make you smile.