Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Road Trip

We had a full night pf packing and cleaning getting all ready to move Bre, Alfie and Addison back to Utah. 
Wayne got off the airplane totally dizzy so just had to lay low for 15 hours. But he's a trooper and has driven the full time. Day 1:
BBQ in Tennessee
Day 2:  Crossing the Mississippi
Road detour and delay
Face timing Alfie from the car. Eating at Nebraska City.  More river crossings.  
Day 3:  up early once again and ready to drive for atleast another 12 hours. We sing and share you tube videos. Read books outloud and make phone calls. We talk a lot and solve all of the world's problems.  
We dropped Wayne off on Wyoming to go with our stake people on pre trek. He is a true pioneer. Addison and I race home to see this little guy....
Life is good.  It's been 4 1/2 years since all of my children have been altogether in the same room. They have changed a lot but I like who they have become.  It makes this mother's heart so happy!

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Teri said...

We get to do this same thing next month moving Taylor from NYC back to Utah. What an adventure!