Monday, April 28, 2014

Missionary Monday

Monson did a Missionary Monday for us last family night.  He got out his pictures and talked about people and places that impacted him while on his Michigan mission and the things he learned by being a missionary.  He listed  6 things he learned on his mission...…….
1.  In the end it's easier to live the Gospel than not to
2. The scriptures have real answers for our small and big  problems
3. EVERYONE is Lovable somehow
4. If you want to Love God, you also have to love your neighbor
5. Satan and  God are both just as real
6.  Forgiveness is real and it works

Then he shared a faith promoting experience that happened to him when he was feeling really down a year into his mission.  He was having little success and wondering if the Lord even remembered him..... This is what he wrote in his letter January of 2013......

..…But I did have a way awesome miracle happen on Wednesday. My first day in Jonesville we were walking to an appointment and by the time we had gotten there I finally noticed that my name tag had fallen off and I honestly thought that there was no way that I was ever going to get it back. Well fast forward three weeks and here we are walking home from an appointment.  It was cold and I had my hands in my pockets and I was all hunched over trying to stay warm and looking at the ground.  And out of nowhere, something hit me in the face. Well I looked to see what just happened and sure enough my name tag was hanging on a TREE! It was the coolest thing ever!! I just gave Elder Jones a hug cause I was so happy but I didn't know what to do. So that was real awesome…..

He shared that the likelihood of this happening was so remote that it really was a miracle made just for him.  Right then he felt the Lord was aware of him and his needs and it just testified to him that he is a Child of God.   

I love this story.  It's one he can hold on to and share with his own children some day.  Missionary Mondays and tender miracles are great.  

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