Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 miler

St George Century this weekend.  Wayne and I went down and stayed with the Belnaps. Diane Lake and Kevin and Robyn Martin also came down. Since Wayne's  broken arm accident I stopped training so I knew the 100 miles in one day was unreachable so I set my goal at 50 miles. I was on my own riding most of the time nd my chain came off and I fixed it by myself. I was greasy but felt accomplished. Thanks to an awesome pit crew of Wayne, Laura and Robyn  I succeeded. They cheered me on and fixed my bike and filled my water bottles. Kind of reminds me of our journey here on earth pushing through the hard uphill climbs, soaring through the easy down hill times with family and friends here and in heaven helping and cheering us on. Even thought of how we each have our own bike to pedal, and some do it fast and some do it slow.  Some take the long path and some the shorter one....tney both end up at the finsih line.  Some have a lot of falls, but the point is we get back on the bike and keep going.  It was a great metaphor to think on as I rode. It was a glorious day. 
I did 100 miles in three days in St George total. I feel pretty good about that. It's great to be riding again. I forget how much I like it till I'm out pedaling and listening to my music and just zoning out. It's great exercise and relaxation for me all in one. Looking forward to doing a century ride the end of August. 

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