Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Friday

Laila loves Joseph Smith.  We saw the Work and the Glory 2 and then the new Church Legacy theatre show---Joseph--and she has been enthralled ever since.  She is always asking me to tell the "Jovis Smith story."   She likes all of the parts, but especially the tar and feather parts.  Then he gets shot, "but the church stayed... I love Jovis so much... I want to kiss him and hug him."  I told her she could up in heaven so she immediately prayed to Jesus, "Jesus, Please let me hug Jovis Smith."  Then when she was done, she asked me if Jesus heard her prayer.  I said, "sure."  She said, "my heart says yes."  She is a spiritual giant.

Speaking of Giants, she is convinced that you  ( Addison) are one. Yesterday she came up stairs with a big spoon and informed me, "this is Addison's spoon because he is a giant."  It really us funny.  If there is a balloon on the ceiling, she knows only you can get it down, and not with a chair either.

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