Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday

Laila is a funny little thing.  She is always talking to God.  The other day in the  car she was mumbling to her self and then she said, "I was just talking to God.  I asked him if we could have a puppy when I'm 7,8,9,10 and he said yes.  One with little poops, that is named Cinderella."  She says this all matter of factly of course.

Another drive in the car time, she was seriously checking out her belly button.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Just seeing if there are spiders in my belly button."  I told her there are no spiders in belly buttons.  She disagreed, "There are, I knowed it."

Laila likes telling people about her family.  "I have 2 moms and 3 dads and lots of brothers and sisters."  The sisters include cousin Lindsey Welch and friend, Gina Nickl.  She would go on to explain, "I have my birth mom and my mom mom.  My birth dad, my real dad and my Heavenly Dad and my brothers, Addison, Landon, Truman, Monson and Jesus...but I don't get to see him very much."
She says amazing things that really bring us all up short and remind us how close heaven really is for her.  Just the other day she said, "Jesus can get rid of the devil, but he won't cuz, that's against Jesus' plan."   I don't know where she got that knowledge from, but it's true.  She loves going to church and being with her teachers and learning more about Jesus.

At 4 years old, it was so easy.  Now I have a pre teen.... it's harder.  I still feel of her sweet, gentle spirit and know she is close to the Lord.  It's just hard having to watch her grow up and experience mean people, inconsiderate friends, awkward boys, and body issues.   Oh to be four forever when all we worried about were spiders in belly buttons!


Andrew and Gina said...

I'm loving these flashbacks about Laila, "my sister". Especially knowing her now and having a little one of my own to compare the flashbacks to. Belle, too, has spent a few good moments inspecting her belly button. She's never said anything about anything being in there though. Too funny!

Jill Welch said...

She was so adorable at 4, and even more now! We love Laila!