Sunday, April 21, 2013

My people

Been going through some old pics lately.
I love these people...
 Gorgeous and....Goofy

I am a part of them.
My momma is still fighting the cancer fight.  It's been a tough 4 weeks.  Nothing staying down, nausea, a hospital stay, no energy.  She is determined to beat this cancer thing though.  I know it's a bad day when she doesn't have her wig or makeup on, and every once in a while I will catch her in the middle of a pity party...but most of the time when I go to visit, I'm the one being buoyed up after talking to her. Momma is always so positive.

My dad is great.  He is so kind and funny.  They are a great team.  He's her gopher.... "Lyle go for this"..."go for that"....and he gets out of his chair and does it.  I'm proud of him.  It's hard to watch your sweetheart suffer and I know he wishes this to all go away...but he tells her her gray mohawk is gorgeous as he holds her puke pan.

True Love.

I am off to China with my honey...but boy, I will miss my people

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Teri said...

We have all been blessed to know the Coles. They are awesome indeed and I will have the occasional dream where a dance number is being choreographed by the lovely Ms. Sheri and I will wake up happy. And I still think of pulling up to the house I just didn't want to look at in Farmington with our realtor and seeing your dad there. Knew it was a good sign and we still have that house 26 years later and love it.