Friday, April 19, 2013

Funny Flashback Friday

Laila is just being cute Laila.  At Bear Lake, the kids were asking cousin Preston, "What's faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?"  Preston answered, "Superman".  Laila said, "uh-huh... Jesus.  HE can do anything."  She is so smart.

I was playing the I love you to the moon and back game with her, coming up with more ideas...finally Laia siad, "I love you more than Jesus does...and that's more than anything else."  She really does have a spiritual perspective on things.

Laila loves to hear her adoption story, or, "Tell me how I became your little girl and you flew on an airplane."   She could hear this tale over and over.  I hope it brings her comfort and let's her know how much she is really loved and so wanted.  She has noticed her beautiful brown skin this year.  She says she looks like chocolate-- which is great because we ALL LOVE CHOCOLATE!  We make sure she knows that color doesn't matter.  It just is.  It's interesting to listen to her talk to other kids about skin color though.  She says she could be Chinese but her eyes aren't little.  Some of the little cousins think she is Chinese.

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