Monday, April 8, 2013

Makes me smile....

This Giraffe caught my eye because of Bre.  ( It's her patronus)  I  bet it's thinking, "Seriously, this is how I have to drink?"

And what about this little boy band?  Move over nsync....get out of the way One Direction.... we got it all goin on!
Laila is loving the trampoline.  She has been working on her back flips, back hand springs and aerials.
Elder Monson "Money" Welch has written some more raps and I'd like to share one of his favorites... it's about Scripture Power.

We're growing up in times when we're surrounded by Satan
No matter what we do, you know there's always temptation
All the good values we used to have; now archaic
In the media, happiness they try to fake it
Makin us believe that it comes from inebriation
But the equation is that it's just exaggeration
If we were on our own, we'd fall right in these cracks
But we've been given something to guide our lifelong maps
They call it scripture power and it comes from up above
From our Father down to his children sending it with love
When the devil is out to get me.... #prescind
With the scriptures i'm like a veteran #seasoned
Knowing the prophets words makin me vindicated
When all around me is tumbling down and I feel hated
I take that virtue right off the page, build on the rock
Start my foundation right I ain't talkin cinder block
All the way from Genesis on through Moroni
They tell about a savior who came to save my life
I get the strength that I need that's what's called a miracle
Knowin I'm loved in this world cause all my haters spiritual
They can't ever get to me when I got that armour on
I don't need to hit the gym scriptures make me megatron
Like a bon-fire the word helps me to keep my glow
I ain't slo-mo it's the only way that I can show
I really need his help to be with me every hour
I'll prosper in every way, ya I'm talkin scripture power!

He then sent me this explanation of words and hashtags....he knew he needed to school me.
(prescind means to seperate or single out or to withdraw someone's thoughts to try and turn them away from something and the # is called a hashtag and in a rap it's used when you describe the word and then you put the hashtag with the word at the end of the line.  You actually say hashtag in the rap)

This quote really made me think.....
AND......this is the Mermaid  I painted and  gave  to Bre.  She loved it...which made me smile.

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