Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is what I is sweet!

Laila made a graham cracker/gingerbread house at school.  Her class christmas party.  This was a huge endeavor on her teacher's part.  Especially since she has only one arm, because of a recent shoulder surgery.  Many parents had to pitch in to make this work.  It was fun for me to be there and watch the process and fill baggies with royal frosting.   There was candy and frosting everywhere--including Laila's shirt, bum and  hair.  WOW.  I really enjoyed Preston's conglomeration house with added graham cracker  extensions and 5 roof tops.  It was impressive, if you are a redneck.
I left and the kids were still crafting.
When I picked Laila up her nice, peppermint and gummibear decorated  house had turned into a candy storage bin.  IMPRESSIVE.
We are calling it the Bishop's  candy store house- for needy families with sweet tooths.

                                              Monson's Elves......
Monson did his Eagle project today.  He got 56 gift bags put together for the Detox Center in SLC.  Our good friend Bob Lake is involved with Volunteers of America.  He clued Monson in on the possibility of this project.  The gift bags have gloves, hats, deodorant, candy, a nice christmas card, more candy, notebooks, pens, underwear, socks, a hygiene kit, razors and chapstick.  He had to get all of this donated and then he had his friends gather this morning to put them together. It looked like Santa's workshop full of assorted athletes.  It made me smile.  Monson will deliver these 56 bags on Monday. My Living room is full!!!

We haven't heard from Add and Bre....which is as it should be.  Add has texted an occasional picture of them on a ride, screaming or smiling.  They have had 3 days of rain, rain and rain.  In his last text he wrote:  "Happiness equals a pair of dry socks."    Can't wait to see them on Sunday!!!
School is officially out for 3 full weekends. I love it when it works out this way.  We have some fun plans for the holidays that I am really looking forward to.  I want to see a few movies.   Go to the live nativity at Liberty park.  Help with Sub for Santa for 5 families in SLC. We have the Welch family party and my own children party with new ornaments presented.  My kids also really love that we go bowling every Christmas Eve after a fun Cole family breakfast.  I am really looking forward to my Truman phone call on Christmas morn.  I love my missionary!
Laila said as she was putting on her pink, wool, winter coat, "I love wearing this coat.  It makes me look so rich."
My Cole Sibling party was last night.  We gathered at JOY LUCK and feasted.  Then up to Mom's house for more goodies, laughter and talk.  Mom and Dad gave each of us a Christmas Ornament that Grandma Butters put on  her Christmas tree for over 50 years.   I have always loved these ornate ornaments...and the story behind them.  Mom and her sisters all crafted these with Grandma Butters on her bed.  Pins everywhere.  The bed was a nightmare to sleep in for awhile and the carpet was  difficult to walk on with out getting poked, but the end result was worth it.
 Mom had them encased  and the presentation is beautiful.  What a thoughtful, memorable gift.

Wayne renamed his Jaguar -- "The Beast"  This is because his odometer reached 66666--- he actually pulled over to get a picture of this.  He makes me smile.

Really enjoyed Monson's choir concert.  The Christmas music was beautiful.  I love watching Monson sing... I know I say this way too much, but he is a joy.   The orchestra joined Acapella with  "Oh Holy Night" and another Tab choir one....then at the end all of the choirs sang "The FIrst Nowell"   So pretty!!! To top it all off Larry Smith wants to start a new tradition of choir, orchestra and audience all joining in to sing the Hallelujah chorus.  It was so awesome.  I loved singing my soprano guts out.

This is what I know.........Life is sweet.

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