Friday, December 3, 2010

Random ramblings....

We are at the rodeo with a group of friends in Las Vegas.  The National championship finals opened here last night.  The city is filled with rhinestones, huge belt buckles, hats and boots.
I really like the timed's easy to tell who the winner is on steer wrestling,  team roping, tie down roping and barrel racing, but the judges events I could never really tell what was what?  Fun to watch though.
The BULL riding was amazing last night.  IT was a wild ride as the bull riders did their 8 seconds and many almost got  trampled.  A rider's spur got caught in the rope and he couldn't release from the bull.... I screamed a lot  and the clowns had to really do their distracting job.  CRAZY.
It was fun last night.
We have Cowboy Christmas today.....booth after booth of cowboy and ranch gear.  Then to the "O Splash" show tonight....all under water.  I will hold my breath through the whole thing.  Landon has seen this show and he promises me this is true.
Can't wait!!!
Going out of town is always a little tough.  I have to organize Laila's life and get her here, there and everywhere.  I am grateful to have grandmas and friends and relatives who pitch in.  Laila is great at being shuffled around as long as she has a schedule in her back pack and knows what is supposed to happen next.  I am sad to miss her Festival of Trees performance.  I hope someone video tapes it and I can see it eventually.

So proud of my almost daughter BRE!  She received an Irene Ryan nomination for her performance in Five Carols for Christmas.  She played Carol Ling....and sang and acted beautifully.  She is a joy to watch on the stage.  I am so happy that she is being recognized for her talents.

We have 10 days to the Wedding..... wow.  I can't believe how time is flying. I got to go to two showers last Saturday.  It was good to meet more of Bre's relatives.   Addison is happy because he is now counting down on two hands.  We have luncheon plans to still figure out, and some last minute stuff to take care of, but I am so looking forward to December 13!!

Monson got named to 2nd team ALL STATE for football.   ( First team All Region)
We are so happy for him and his accomplishments on the football field this year.  He has hopes to play in college, so this nomination will help him towards this goal.

I got the Velma Von Tussel part in RMT's production of HAIRSPRAY.  This opens in February and I am so happy to be in a show again. This will be the first show in the new theatre in Centerville.
I love playing a villainess...... ( wicked cackle)
I had many relatives that tried out for this....half of us made it.  Theatre is difficult because you come to the audition with your puzzle piece and if it doesn't fit into the director's vision of the puzzle, no matter how talented you are, you are not going to make it.  That's the business.    I also think that when you don't make a show, your life ( Heavenly Father)  has other things that are more important that you need to be doing.  It works out how it's supposed to. 

I am done rambling...............see a great day!


Laur said...

I love you and your family!

Melanie said...

Wow, congrats to all. I am very excited for the wedding and glad you had a great trip. So sad you don't get to travel very often.