Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MONSON is 18!

Monson has been in my life for 18 years.

 It has been a definite roller coaster ride being his mom.  I love him for keeping me on my toes.
Being the 4th boy is rough.
Being the baby boy can be tough....except Monson is tougher.

Monson was a scheduled delivery.  I knew I was going to the hospital on Dec 29th..checking in at 8 am and hopefully delivering around noon. This is exactly what happened.  No problems.  The fun part of the story is Wayne's little sister Tami was having her first born and went to the hospital a day earlier...she delivered Tyler right after midnight...12 hours earlier than I did with Monson.  Tami and I shared the same hospital room at Lakeview Hospital.  She was miserable with her first delivery.  My body was stretched and I knew what to expect and I was fine.
The nurses couldn't believe that we were related and wanted to be in the same was great to be there together and get double the visitors.
Both our boys share a birthday.  Both of our babies have red hair.    Both our babies also had reflux and had to sleep on reflux boards for awhile.  (What are the chances of that?)
Monson actually looks like he belongs to Tami.  It's spooky.
                 Tyler and Monson wearing their birthday buttons around Disney cute
                        (Monson holding Laila, and Melinda all watching the Disneyland parade)

Monson is a lot like his brothers in many ways.  He has many friends, he is funny, he is adaptable, he is spiritual, he does well in school, he isn't easily embarrassed, he is kind, he loves to sing, he is a good dancer, he is so sweet to his sister and his grandparents, he is a sleeper.
Monson is also, very different from his brothers.... he has red hair, he is built totally different..stocky and muscley...he is quiet, he is an athlete, he is tough, he has always been a lady's man, he taught himself the piano and guitar, he loves to pull a face for the camera, he masters video games-guitar hero etc., he consumes large quantities of food--pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and fries being top on his list, it's difficult to tell what his moods are or what he is thinking about, he's not much of a talker.

We are celebrating his big day by being in California....Disneyland all week!
Today we let him sleep in.
It's raining and now we are deciding a plan B.... Sleep, Shop, Movie and Dinner and do the Land on Thursday and Friday when the weather is supposed to be drier.  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONSON!!! What a great boyfriend!


Melanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your darling boy. Hope the trip has been wonderful!!!

Si said...

love mons. He is the best. Did he get the money shorts?