Monday, December 13, 2010

Tribute to Addison, on his Wedding day.

The wedding day is here.
The one I have been dreaming of since the day Addison was born, is here. 
This day, my heart is with my Addison,  my first born.

What can I say about my Addison-shine?
We have made every  text book mistake that can be made on a first born….and he survived it all.

I have so many memories flooding my thoughts….
Addison as a toddler, smearing white eucerine on his entire body, and the walls, and his crib.    Doing his stinging dance….with his bad eczema.
Addison ‘s first day of school…he was so little, skinny, big questioning eyes…a  bear back pack, huge glasses.
Addison  with 3 little brothers….he had to do everything first…he was my biggest helper.  My most empathetic child.
Addison with a squished hamster in his hand…tears in his eyes.
Addison on stage with his little singing group….cousins involved too….and clogging competitions.  Playing "show" in the basement.  Making movies.  Costuming and make-uping brothers.
Addison— my homeschooling him in 6th grade.  Just trying to boost his self esteem….and get some mom time.
Addison in Jr. High training a guide dog.  Taking Stephi-dog to school and church and every where with him.
Addison in speech and drama in High school.  Competing and excelling.....a wet pants experience!!
Addison so proud of his  new little baby  sister.  Showing her off to his high school friends.
Addison playing Joseph in the high School production.  He was the most sincere Joseph ever.
Addison off to Louisiana for his mission.  A joyous, spirit filled time.  He came home a man.
Addison performing at Weber State….Icabod Crane.
Addison’s engagement day….. and here we are……

I like this quote about marriage: 
I want to share what kind of person Addison is.

 I asked around to neighbors and  friends what do they think of when they hear Addison’s name….these are the qualities mentioned…..
Kind, lanky, great story teller, awkward, sweet, creative, gentle, sensitive to the Spirit, charming, faithful, innocent, musical, talented, funny, easy to talk to, cheerful,  dreamer, great dancer, loyal, trustworthy….  Spiritual……full of Faith and Optimistic.
This last quality I would really agree with.  He has immense faith. 
I was  reading in Isaiah…41: 10 and 13…it just reminded me so much of Addison. 
“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will up hold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.  For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not: I will help thee."

Any advice I could give on this day?  Love, Laugh, Pray....together , always.
 Don’t focus on each other’s faults

I am reminded of this Grapefruit story….probably because I peel grapefuits just like the way that bugged the wife in the story……

My husband and I had been married about two years when I read an article recommending that married couples discuss truthfully and candidly the habits or mannerisms they find annoying in each other. The theory was that if partners knew of such annoyances, they could correct them before resentful feelings developed.
It made sense to me. I talked with my husband about the idea. After some hesitation, he agreed to give it a try.
As I recall, we were to name five things we found annoying. I started off. After more than 50 years, I remember only my first complaint: grapefruit. I told him I didn’t like the way he ate grapefruit. Instead of cutting it open and eating it with a spoon, he peeled it and ate it a section at a time. Nobody else I knew ate grapefruit like that. Could I be expected to spend a lifetime, and even eternity, watching my husband eat grapefruit like that? Although I have forgotten them, I’m sure my other complaints were of similar importance.
Then it was his turn. It has been more than half a century, but I still carry a mental image of my husband’s thoughtful, puzzled expression. He looked at me and said, “I can’t think of anything I don’t like about you.”
Gasp. I quickly turned my back, not knowing how to explain my tears. I had found fault with him over such trivial things, while he hadn’t even noticed any of my peculiar and no doubt annoying habits.
I wish I could say this experience completely cured me of faultfinding. It didn’t. But it did teach me early in my marriage that we need to keep in perspective, and usually ignore, the small differences in our spouse’s habits and personalities. Whenever I hear of married couples being incompatible, I always wonder if they are suffering from what I now call the grapefruit syndrome.

I am thankful that Addison has lived a virtuous life. 
I am thankful for  his great example to our younger siblings. 
I am thankful he has chosen a kind, faithful, wonderful daughter of God to be his eternal mate.
This is truly a day of rejoicing.


Cengiz 2.1 said...

congrats to Add and Bre and your whole family. my hubby and i did a session in the SL temple this morning and actually saw them in the celestial room. it was neat to say hi and see them there. congrats again!

Si said...