Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful heart Thursday

My heart is full.

I am thankful for Weddings.
We have 4 days to the wedding and it is getting a little crazy around here.  Lots of last minute to doings.  I work best under pressure, so I am glad for this.  I would feel bad with nothing wedding-to- do. We have peacock boutonnieres to put together, dresses and garters to fix, a tie to buy,  food to order, cookies to bake and package, centerpieces to figure out, table cloths to iron and table and chairs set up at the church on Sunday night.  WOW.  
I know this is all extraneous wedding trappings, that we all buy into.
The important part is the temple ceremony.  I am so happy for  Addison and Bre.
I had a special sacred experience at the temple on Tuesday.  Bre took out her endowments, and I was so blessed to be there.   I cried a lot....   I know Addison and Bre are meant to be together, and will be for this life time and into the eternities.
I am so happy to be adding her in as a Welch girl!!


I am thankful for nativities.

We are focusing on putting Christ into Christmas at our home.
We are using the book by Emily Freeman, "A Christ centered Christmas" as our jumping off point.
I really like this little book with many good ideas and themes to discuss.
It suggests taking the characters of the nativity and talking about one a week, up to Christmas.
You really could do one a day or even all in one night...if you wanted.
We are doing the one a week plan.

The first family night we talked about Mary and how she  "pondered it in her heart."  Our challenge as a  family was to ponder the true meaning of Christmas more, and to be more thoughtful this time of year.

Last week we discussed Joseph.  His theme is all about small acts of service and being in tune enough to the spirit to really listen.  We decided to listen for "the bell" this holiday season; the Salvation Army Santa bell, and do our best to give something every time we pass by.   It was good for me to give my change at Smiths, Shopko and Walmart as I went in and out. I would have done this in the past maybe once or twice during the holiday season.  The challenge this year is EVERY time.

On Monday, we read about Angels and the GOOD NEWS they bring.  We sang our favorite christmas carols and shared why we liked them.  The Angels were all about the Joy, the Song and the message of Christ's birth.
We were all there on that holy night.  We were the Angels.
I like thinking that everyone in Heaven can sing-- beautifully.  No monotone, off pitch, non singers there.
Everyone sounds angelic. idea of heaven.

We have the Wisemen, the Shepherds and lamb, and the Christ child left to talk about.

I have a thankful heart.


Brooke Shoko said...

i am thankful for the internet. so i can see things like THIS. they look great! stoked for them :)

Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

What a lovely post. I don't know Bre really but I had a good feeling the first time I met her and hoped it would all end up this way. I too am glad to have her as an addition to the family. Even better and special for you, you get your third daughter! She is gorgeous!!! Will be a stunning bride. Let me know if I can help with anything!

Si said...

loved this.