Friday, August 19, 2016


There's a hashtag going around asking what were your first 7 jobs.......and it got me thinking...

1. Baby sitter ( mostly for my Aunt Diane at a dollar an hour....that's how old I am)
2. Door to door Stationary Sales ( the school supplied the free stationary, we just had to sell it for profit)
3. House cleaner ( my Grandpa Butters arranged these....I cleaned when people moved out of his rentals)
4. Beginning Dance Instructor ( dragged the neighbor kids in and their moms paid me for a summer camp)
5. Swim Instructor ( did this with Marcie at Grandma Butters pool for a few summers)
6. Movie Concessions..Roy Theatre ( Worked here during college with Marcie and Gary.  They had an apartment upstairs of the theatre but mostly I just hung out and ate their food)
7. Substitute teacher ( did this while waiting to get my first "real" teaching job at Bountiful High )

First jobs are great...and interesting....
These were the jobs that gave me spending money, paid for a 3 week Mexico trip with my Jr. High Spanish club; and choir/debate trips in High School;  helped me buy school clothes and Christmas presents and brought in a little money when Wayne and I were first married.

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