Tuesday, August 23, 2016

School starting = Excitement and Dread

School starts tomorrow....and I'm full of excitement and dread.

Excited that we will be back on a schedule waking up with scriptures and family prayer then off to exercise, work and school.
Dread that we are back on a schedule.  I love sleeping in and waking up without the alarm clock.

Dread getting Laila into bed at night at a decent hour.

Excited that Laila will have new classes and new teachers.    Laila will be a 9th grader, the top of the totem pole, this year and with Cheer and some online classes at home before she goes to MPJH, it will be a different school day for her.

Dread  reminding Laila about online school,  homework and worrying about grades

Excited thinking about some different school friends for Laila.   Laila needs some new good friends that will keep her strong spiritually and encourage her to attend church and seminary.   She has had a different "best" friend in 7th, and 8th grade, so it will be interesting to see who she spends all of her time with in 9th grade.

Dread Laila hooking up with "bad" friends who are negative and pull her down. Dread the tears and down times.  

Excited to see Laila come into her own with opinions about her world and being willing to speak out

Dread the discussions.

I remember my 9th grade year.  I spent all my time with Malinda Bean and Kaye Cushing.  We were Pep Club officers at Millcreek Jr. High and we loved working with Miss D.  She was the cool, single gym teacher.  We chose black and white outfits for all the girls to wear....we look like jailbirds.   Pepclub was fun back then...we went to all of the afterschool games and cheered with the cheer leaders.

That was 40 years ago.

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