Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring break and Vegas baby!

Spring Break was celebrated in Las Vegas this year with Me, Wayne, Landon, Laila, and cousin Abby Welch at the Tahiti Village with sunshine, pool time, shopping, plenty of good food and BlueMan group. We took off for Las Vegas right after Easter Sunday services and hearing Wayne speak about Grace. (He did a beautiful job. ). We spent a lot of time soaking in the sun by the pool. The sunshine felt soooooo good.
We had Abby Welch try sushi for the first time with Laila feeding her from her chopsticks. She was a great sport and even liked some of it. 

The face swapping all is a hoot and kept us entertained for a long time. We also took personality tests and figured out introverts (Laila, Wayne) and extroverts (Melinda, Landon , Abby).
On Tuesdsay we were off to see the dam... Hoover Dam. We saw the dam water, drove on the dam street, took the dam tour.  It was a really busy touristy time. Who knew? 

We spent the remainder of the dam day shopping til we dropped at the nearby outlets.
Blue man group Wednesday!

Laila and Abby got to sit front row center in the splash zone and as a result Laila got the drum painted picture. She had BlueMan sign it with blue lips and a Blue hand. It was a fabulous performance art experience.
Thursday we met Jane and Steve, Clark, Sandy and Savanna at the Las Vegas temple. It's a beautiful temple with a serene and different shaped celestial room. We laughed that we had to go to Las Vegas so we could go out with Sandy and Clark. Elder and Sister Shurtz have really enjoyed their Las Vegas mission and can't believe it is coming to an end in June.

Friday was all about the Stratosphere and rides!  We rode in the morning and liked it so much we went back at midnight to do it again. 
We rode Big shot, Exscream and Insanity 

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