Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful for my talented DIL, Bre.  Bre is in the Pirate Queen at Hale Center Theatre....and she is powerful, beautiful and believable.  We were able to take Wanee with us to see the show and on our way out Wanee was bragging to total strangers that, " the lead, Grace O'Malley is my granddaughter."   So cute.  The Pirate Queen is a sweeping Irish history piece by the same people who wrote Les Miserable the musical.   Grace was chief over two clans and  ruled her people at the same time (1500's) as Queen Elizabeth reigned in England.   Bre has to sword fight, fight fight, have a baby and fight the next day, fall in love, dance, be imprisoned, mourn her father and son's deaths and meet with the queen of England....all while beautifully SINGING the entire time.  There might be 5 lines of actual dialogue. Bre just continues to grow on stage as a singer and actress...and off stage as a wife and mother.  Side note:  The writer's of Pirate QUeen are coming to see the show and Bre March 8th.  SOOOOO excited.

2. I'm thankful I'm not sick.  I write this because the past two Monday night family nights I have eaten or sucked on stranger food....not strange food....but a stranger's food.  I'll explain.   Last week we went out for Sushi for family night with Wayne's YSA elder's quorum presidency and RS presidency. We ordered edamame to pass around....and it was salty and delicious.   Well at one point I looked over and saw another full bowl of bean pods to be I reached over and put one in my mouth ...and then gasped and gagged because it was already empty.  The bowl was already sucked on edamame.....ewwwwww.  We laughed and cried and laughed some more.  Then last Monday  for family night we went to In and Out with Monson and Lexi.  We sat down at the table and I was holding and helping with Tayla.  All I ordered was water.  Well, I reached over and got my drink and I got a mouth full of lemonade.  WHat?!?  I had reached too far and sucked the straw of some strangers cup from the table next to me.  Good thing that person was gone, but still... stranger danger! I'm thankful I'm not sick

3. I'm thankful for family and friends who create the "village" that helps support and raise my children.  I'm thinking in particular about Laila right now.  When I'm totally exasperated and feeling like I don't know how to mother and what to say...someone is there, Abby, Wayne, Karen, Grandma Welch, Laura, Paisley...someone to fill the gap.  It's amazing to me how this works and how important it is.  Laila gets to go with Paisley and Craig Callister family  to St. George/Las Vegas the end of this month.  What makes this extra special for her, besides hanging out with other adopted "brown" cousins and my hilarious cousin Paisley,  is she gets to go with all of the Callister girls and see a Justin Beiber concert.  She is so excited about this and keeps asking if I'm just joking....

4. I'm thankful the "musical theatre"gene is popping up in Sophia and Andrew!  They  had their musical theatre class performance last night....oh my, they entertain and delight me so much. Andrew was thrilled he was in his "first show."  He and Sophia did all of the actions precisely and were quite serious about it.  I can't wait to get a private performance  on their Consider Yourself song soon.

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