Monday, July 14, 2014

Hill of Cumorah pageant

We have arrived at the Hill Cumorah and found Add and Bre and baby...Rob and Julie Briggs.  They have had a great experience. 
This pic is taken from the top of the hill up by the Moroni statue. 
 The space is massive with 8000 chairs set up. The stage is so impressive.  The trees along the side were transplants from the sacred grove in the 1930s.  

Add and Bre have had a great spiritual experience and of course Alfie is a big hit.  He isn't the youngest in the cast though....There is a two week old baby here.  Addison is Samuel the Lamanite, 

Bre is Laman's wife on the boat with huge acting and water effects. Gma Julie holds Alfie and is in the Alma conversion scene as believers. Gpa Rob is in the destruction before Christ comes scene.  He is front and center running with arms above his head. They are all in the beginning processional and in the Christ coming to America scene. 
At the pageant all of the actors come out in their costumes and greet and seat people and do missionary work before the show starts. They share scriptures , and ask for referrals etc.  Many  pics are taken because of the colorful interesting costumes and characters.   

The costumes are intriguing but really look awesome onstage. This guy is one of King Noah's priests. I call him churro birthday hat man. 
 It's fun to see the little kids reactions to Samuel/ Addison. He is a hero. One little four year old was so happy to really meet his BOM hero he couldn't believe it. He asked if Alfie was a real baby too.   The show begins at 9:15 each night and lasts one hour. It's a condensed version if the Book of Mormon and features Nephi/ Lehi story, division of Nephites and Lamanite, King Noah's court with Abinadi and Alma. Samuel the Lamanite and Christ coming. Mormon and Moroni burying the plates in Cumorahs hill then Joseph Smith uncovering them and bringing the Book of Mormon to us in this day. 
I was really impressed. I loved the fire and water effects and it's especially sweet when 700 people Come  unto Christ  with little children running to him and getting hugs and I look up there and see Addison and Bre and Alfie all there as well. 

We got to also experience protesters with blow horns shouting at us to stop worshipping Moroni. It was crazy. 
We have our Hill Cumorah sweatshirts on. 

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Andrew and Gina said...

Alfie's first stage production! It's about time he did a show.... He's been in your family long enough 😉 I'm sure it will be the first of many.

Looks like you are having an awesome, fun, spiritual vaca!