Monday, July 28, 2014

8 week Weight Loss Challenge

After a year of grief eating, I am back on the healthy bandwagon.
I  have put on 30 pounds since my mom died and I  know I will continue to gain more if I don't watch what goes into my mouth.    I'm not that person who doesn't eat when things are stressed...I eat ...and I eat a lot.   It's amazing how much emotion is tied to weight.  I haven't been on the scale for months, and when I got on yesterday, I had to close one eye, then I gasped at the number.  How did that happen?  I'm at my weight where I was when I delivered my babies.  CRAZY!!!

So to "fix" this mindset, and because I'm ready to do something about my tight fitting clothes, I have started an 8 week challenge.  There are 11 of us doing this together to support and help and motivate each other.   We are trying to develop good daily habits with fruits and veggies, water and no sugar etc... and lose weight along the way.  We all put some money in the pot, and in the end the habit winner and the percentage of weight loss winner will split it.  FUN.  I'm obviously a yellow that needs a game and social activity combined to help me on my weight quest.  The challenge fills both of these requirements.

I'm glad to have family and friends to do this with. Here is to the next 56 days of a positive mindset and watching the scale go down, down, down.   Life is good.

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