Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Niagra Falls

One of my Bucket List items  that has been hanging around for years is going to Niagra Falls... this year it came true.  I counted it as my 52nd birthday celebration...and it didn't fail to impress. Happy Birthday to Me!
We jumped on the Maid of the Mist boat and all donned our blue slickers thinking....we would obviously get wet, but we didn't invision how wet.
The Horseshoe falls with all of the powerful plunging water makes it's own weather system.   We had a full on rain storm close to the falls, everything torrentially wet without the lightening and thunder.  Addison, Bre, Wayne, Laila and I couldn't stop really was fun, funny and an awesome experience.  Bucket list............Check!
Laila, Wayne and I walked on over to the Canadian side to see a panoramic view of the falls and we stumbled upon a crazy "Funnest street in the world"  Chilton Hills.  It was a Las Vegas  type street filled with 3 Haunted Houses,  a lifesize dinosaur miniature golf course, a 175 ft high Ferris Wheel- "Eye in the Sky",  bowling allies, candy shops, junk food, arcades, wax museums, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Upside down houses, garrish lights, and  hucksters telling us to come in and spend our money......get the picture?  It was like the street that Pinnochio and all of the  boys played in that turned them into donnkeys.  Laila loved it.  I was convinced we would come out the other end smoking cigars and braying.

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