Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sacred Grove

The sacred grove was glorious.  
We prayed before entering to have a spiritual experience.  
Being here at pageant time is a bit busy. There were three buses in the parking lot and many cars. I kind of thought that we would just be in a people line as we entered the grove. I was wrong. The grove is spacious.  Upon entering there was an immediate different feeling, it was calm, peaceful and quiet and we could hear birds singing...not bus engines and people talking.  It was amazing to me to witness that. There was a palpable walking through a curtain. It's amazing to think that God the Father and Jesus Christ were physically here. It felt hallowed and reverenced.  
If there is ever a time to think about trees and tree metaphors it's in this grove. There are "witness tees" toward the back of the grove that are old enough to have been around when Joseph Smith was alive. There are young trees that are new to the grove.  There are "charactered" trees that look gnarly and broken but alive and growing.   Obviously they have been through something and are still going strong.  There are some toppled trees with shallow roots in marshy spots.  So many spiritual metaphors.  I loved it.  I had to remember not to look at my feet but to look up as I walked. I didn't want to be distracted by roots and rocky places.   Another analogy.  
It really was a sweet experience for me. 
Hopefully for Laila and Wayne too.

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