Friday, October 26, 2012


My wonderful Mother with her amazing friend, Eileen Sharkey.   Mom got her self another wig, and Eileen thought she should have one as well.  
Two cute blondes.  
Mom started her second round of chemo 5 weeks ago.   She has a sore bald head and walks very slow on jelly like legs that she hopes will hold her up.  Going up and down stairs are not in her future.  She is tired and cold and it's hard for her to remember things.
I hate chemo and cancer.
My mom is  good at this though.  She is strong and positive.
She spreads sunshine where ever she goes.... and knows that all will be well.
The Sharkey's are also very uplifting people. 
I'm so glad my parent's went to Scotland on their mission and found the Sharkeys. 
The Lord knows who to put in our paths. 
Great friends are so important!

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