Friday, October 5, 2012

TGIF...Grandma Israelsen

This is Wayne's Grandma Israelsen.  She passed away  just prior to her 105th birthday in  1999.   Her birthday is today.  Grandma Israelsen was a wonderful, caring mother; a kind grandmother who made "grandma" cookies and had cracked wheat cereal for breakfast every day.    Until Grandma was 100 she walked for one or two miles a day and enjoyed shoveling her own snow.....there is a lot of snow in North Logan.  
She came from pioneer stock, and was every inch a Christian.  
Grandma had 11 children and at the time of her death67 grandchildren, 271 great-grandchildren, and 40 great great-grandchildren. Including the 97 spouses, the total was 443 family members.  
I remember her funeral so clearly.  It was a beautiful, crisp October day.  We all gathered for a celebration of her life and at the cemetery we let go of 105 white balloons.  As they ascended into the sky we knew grandma was watching and smiling on us. 

What a great woman.  What a wonderful legacy.  Happy Birthday Grandma!

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