Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I do when Wayne is gone.

Wayne and I have been apart since Oct 19th....11 days without my sweetie is too long!!
I started thinking about all of the things I do while Wayne is away......

Sleep on his side of the bed with Laila on my side of the bed.  I like the comfort and warmth...and it's a king size bed, so even when she thrashes around, I don't feel her.

Stay up really late reading


Go to Rehearsal

Sing really loud


Wait for his phone call

Text him a lot

Go to bed whenever I want


Clean off his nightstand

Organize his shoes

Catch up on tv shows

Dust the tv set

Don't make dinner

I'm so glad he is home.  Just in time for Laila's favorite holiday and our next attempt at mom's Halloween doughnuts.

What does Laila do when Wayne is gone?...... puts on her kilt and hangs out with the Sharkeys at Grandma Sheri's house.

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bre and add said...

YAY! so glad he got home last night!