Sunday, March 4, 2012

My blue hair Momma

I knew something was wrong when we showed up for Sunday night talking time, and I saw a bald head over the top of the couch. 
 My mom always has a wig on...and her makeup.... but not today. 
 Today was a hard day. 
 My Momma only has one Chemo treatment left.  
This last one has been really hard. 
 She has gone through this 5 times now and knows just what to expect.  But it's still hard.  The three weeks in between treatments are really just to gear up mentally for the next one. 
Chemo is all about killing off cancer cells and trying not to kill the patient off in the process.  It's pretty mean.
Mom had about 4 hours today where Dad thought for sure she was checking out of this world.
Mom feels like a little person is stabbing her in the knees constantly.  She can't get warm...their house is like 90 degrees... and of course nothing tastes good.  It all tastes like "gray flannel" in her mouth.
Through all of this, she is a trooper.  
Laila went to rub mom's feet and that was such a blessing. 
 Laila is a good foot rubber.
Mom asked Laila to go and get her a wig. 
Laila came out with the blue funny one, that Mom's friend gave her as a gag.
Of course mom put it on and modeled and smiled and we all took funny pictures of her.

Such a shining example of optimism for all of her children and grand children. 



bre and add said...

THis moment made my whole week!

Lauren said...

Amazing. Truly, what a wonderful woman