Sunday, September 11, 2011

Band Party

We had our... I don't know how many, annual BAND party at the Belnaps.  It's always filled with too much food, lots of people, a great band and dancing.  It was a perfect night even though a huge rain storm came through at 3:30 and threatened our 6:30 start.  Dave Busk's  Get Back-- Beatles band played all of the best music and we sang at the top of our lungs... Get Back, Oh-bla- dee, Hey Jude.... you get the musical drift.  Loved it. 
 Eric, Bob  and Wayne took care of the meat extravaganza.....pulled pork, tri-tip, ribs, chicken, turkey breast, salmon and 60 hamburgers in the freezer just in case we ran out.    We never run out.
                Mom and Dad graced us with their presence even though the BYU game was on.
                                                       Get Back Band .........
                                   Bob pulling a scrumptious face as he eats his smoked turkey.....
            Group of neighbors listening and eating on the lawn.... Kimi is in there somewhere.  (I tried to get a pick of the Belnaps, Farleys and Welchs....since it's our party that I am trying to document it. )
 The U of U game was on the TV.... it looks like Alan and Myrne are in time out, instead of watching football.  We had a lot of people in the house watching the games....that was all right.  Too bad BYU and the UofU  lost.
                        Crazy Dancers, (Me, Emilee and Mel) just doing our thing, as usual.
                   We were missing the Dancing Queen-- Erica.
 As the lights got low many more dancers came to the dance asphalt.
              Laila and Wayne take a spin around the floor.
                                                           Laila slow dancing with Laura.
          Laila is one of three children allowed at the party. Good thing she loves to dance.
Me with Just LInda.   Tate and Tim Wangsgaard came too...but they were stuck in front of the UofU game all night
Dave and Penny Bohn with Laurie Cutler in the Center
Jo Cash, Si Foster, Mel Evans

Myrne Collier at the Dessert Table

Annette Pond, Shawnell Larsen and Hubby, Laura
Laurie Chapman, Jan Hedberg, Kellie Chapman and Angela

More proof that Wayne is a dancing machine, even if he is dizzy.  Always a good sport.
The Band party was GREAT.  We even got enough in the til to pay the band the appropriate amount this a tip.    We were so happy so many family and friends could make it...and feel bad we were missing Erica, Heidi and Erin.....  Maybe next year!


Erin Blake said...

Melinda, I decided last night after pacing around knowing it was going on RIGHT THEN that I am coming next year. seriously, I'm not missing another one! I'm glad it was good.

Haskell's said...

Ugh!! You know how I love a good dance party. Luckily Sawyer and I have them every morning. Glad it was fun. Wish I could promise I'd be shakin my booty next year, but who knows:(

Lesley said...

That looks like so much fun!! I got your e-mail with the invite, but we had tickets to see "Anything Goes"!! with baby brother in it:) Hope we can come next year!