Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Call

We drove down to St. George to deliver Monson's mission call to him.  He is a busy athlete, so he couldn't even meet with us til after 9 at night. We had big plans to SKYPE all those who wanted to be involved in his grand opening.  The thought was good, but the execution wasn't.  The hotel internet was too slow, so we had to kick some people off....glad they are our friends and not easily offended.  Anyway, once the technical difficulties were worked out. Monson was ready for the unveiling in front of 4 people in the hotel room, and grandparents and brothers on skype.
 We have been taking guesses on where Monson would serve.  I prayed that he would go state side, much to Wayne's chagrin.   I knew any state would be great, except Ohio...because of Ohio state football.  Monson hates the team and thus the state.
 When Monson opened his call...he couldn't stop smiling.  Lansing, MICHIGAN!!!!
Lindsey actually guessed Michigan because she knew Monson loved it-- she wins the $ prize.
 Monson has been a huge Michigan fan from the time he was in grade school. He  has Michigan shoes, flags, pillow cases, key rings, shirts,  sweatshirts.  You name it.   For a boy who is "red" through and through, he really embraced the yellow and blue of the Michigan Wolverines.  He even has an entire painted blue wall in his bedroom, with a giant yellow " M " on it.
  He loves Michigan!
 Monson was thrilled and loved calling friends and family who couldn't skype in. He shared his news happily.  It was really cute.  More enthusiasm than I have seen or heard from my baby boy in a long time.  He goes to the MTC on Jan. 4th....just 6 days after he turns 19.  PERFECT!
We celebrated with a  late night DENNY's dinner!!!

I just felt so at peace once the call was read. I know the Lord Loves my Monson and is so aware of him and his wants and needs.  Mons doesn't need to worry about what to eat and  possibly losing weight and living conditions while on his mission.  He can just dig in and preach the gospel.  He will love the Michigan people and they will love him.  I know Monson has a strong Testimony of the gospel.  It is a joy to watch him grow and progress.  I love having missionaries out in the field.

  We will have 2 boys out in the field for 3 months, til Truman returns.

I also know Lansing, Michigan will be better than the Detroit, Michigan Mission for Monson.  (Try saying that 3 times fast)  Being right in the thick of the UofM would be a bit too much for Monson.   (Like sending me to NYC and telling me not to see a Broadway play.)  SHeesh.   This way he can talk Michigan football to people who care, yet not be so drawn into the games.   He can keep his eye on the GLORY!
In other news:   Laila polled her classmates to see who had the OLDEST mother.  She won....I am the oldest!


Si said...

Go big M!! Perfect.

Cengiz 2.1 said...

congrats and yay for monson. and yay for you and wayne and the whole family.

Carolyn Black said...

Congratulations Monson!

MCC said...

on the age thing, liken yourself to Elizabeth, Sarah, know, your biblical.

Jill Welch said...

We were so thrilled for Monson. Mark said "Maybe can drop off some football tapes to the Mich coach while tracking!" Only a football man can think that way. So exciting.

Erin Blake said...

Yes Monson! So great!