Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple of My Eye

We had an "Apple of My Eye" family night.  It was a great recipe for fun!
Attendees:  Grandma Welch, Holly, Grandma Sheri, Grandpa Lyle, Addison and Bre, Landon, Laila, Wayne and ME
Decorations:  Red and Green dishes, apples for the centerpiece and an "Apple of my Eye" banner.
Dinner:  Pork Chops and apple slices, baby green apples (Peas), Gma Welch potatoes, apple and feta salad.
Dessert;  Gma Sheri's Apple pie and ice cream
Lesson:  Wayne taught on the basics of the Gospel ...which is Love and Service.
Game:  Apples to Apples....Landon won, with Holly coming in 2nd.
Activity:  Bobbing for Apples and Dipping Carmel Apples. Mmmmmmmmm!

 "You are the Apple of my Eye......that's why I'll always be around."  Sung to Sunshine of my Life


Stecky said...

Love your theme! We are apple people. We will have to try this sometime...if we ever have FHE again...I got tried of Mother Home Evening and am on strike.

Lauren said...

This is the cutest thing in the world

Si said...

Why were my kids not born into your family?

corryfever said...

why wasn't I born into this family???