Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

What totally random thoughts are bouncing around in my brain?

So many beautiful blossoming trees outside....I loved driving down main street.
I noticed that the prettiest and most abundant white blossoming trees are circling KFC....ah the colonel with his secret spices and now the blossoming trees.....He knows how to get me!

I teared up watching Laila in her dance rehearsal. She messed up twice. Literally went the opposite way as everyone in her entire class. Her eye roll and exasperated look really got to me. I teared up and I'm not even PMSing.

I burned my hand on a hot pan while making mac and cheese from a box. Now I'm mad. I can't even say I burned myself cooking...because that doesn't count.

The playhouse/swing set boards sit and mock me every time I pull into the garage. When will it ever be put together in the back yard? Will it lay around FOREVER? It's a metaphor of my life, my hopes and dreams, right? Or maybe it's just an undone playground.

Online school testing is a pain. I have to be up, put together with make up on and looking professional by 7:15 for 9 mornings . I can't believe I taught high school for 12 years and had to do this all of the time. I love being in my green work out suit til noon...with no makeup on and no hair done....it is my costume of choice.

I am either gaining weight and eating non stop or losing weight because of a diet and not eating much. There is no middle ground. There is no maintaining weight. What is wrong with this picture?

Why can't my obviously talented son get a theatre department scholarship? Who are these scholarships going to? I want to know.


Si said...

So THAT's what is going through your mind...

Kimi said...

~It totally counts.

~It's just an undone playground.

~It's a common picture.

~The scholarship people are nuts!